My last show before coming to Italy来意之前的最后一次演出

Living in Italy causes me feel lonely some time, but music offers me a lot of comforts. I uploaded my last show before coming to Italy on both YouKu and YouTuBe, which happend during my stay in Beijing for studing the Italian.

My friends knew that I owned a band in Xi’an, so they wanted me to play one song for them. I just walked to the stage, and talked with the band, and then we started without any rehearse.

The results seemed not bad. At least I heard some people screaming “Bravo~”.

The song is called “Lover”, from my favorite band “Beyond” from Hong Kong.

This song, to Beyond, to Jiaju, to you all.



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My last show before coming to Italy来意之前的最后一次演出》有6条回应

  1. 兔子说:

    哈哈 我是第一个留言的么 为你撒花庆祝~

  2. Lingling说:

    The video was deleted on Youku. What happened? After reading the first article I understand what makes 27 years old special – what else can I say except for “you have too many thoughts?” LOL…

    • dixiaocui说:

      strange~i can access to the video~did you installed some ad-block plugins? try to add the youku to white list~