Useful Information abouth how Google passed its first U.S. State Self-Driving Test 有关谷歌如何通过其第一次美国无人驾驶测试的消息

The original is from IEEE Spectrum. For the translated Chinese link, please refer here. It’s an translation article from GeekCar. 中文原文翻译请参看这里,来自GeekCar的对照翻译。

I just listed some useful details for sharing.

 Data source (under Freedom of Information legislation):

  1. Driving log of this test
  2. E-mails referring to the test

Items or conditions designed by Google:

  1. Pre-mapped highly-detailed map
  2. Pre-defined route of test, with agreement from DMV
  3. Road conditions
  4. Weather conditions (31 °C (88 °F), almost zero chance of rain or fog)


  1. 2012.05.01


  1. Las Vegas


  1. Toyota Prius

Human onboard:

  1. Driver’s seat – Chris Urmson, leader of Google Self-driving Car Project.
  2. Co-driver’s seat – Anthony Levandowski, engineer.
  3. Backseats – Bruce Breslow, a sportscaster and politician who was then head of the DMV.
  4. Backseats – Nancy Wojcik,  in charge of testing and licensing for the state.

Three levels of autonomy:

  1. Fully autonomously
  2. Needed some help from Urmson
  3. Completely handed control over to Urmson

Manual intervention/control:

  1. Twice, done by Chris Urmson

Good results:

  1. Detected and stopped for pedestrians
  2. Merged smoothly onto a freeway up to the local speed limit.
  3. Safely drove at crosswalks.
  4. Backed off when a bicycle weaved in front of the car, before passing the cyclist safely.
  5. Correctly anticipated a pedestrian running across the street

Improvements needed:

  1. Too slowly when approaching some lights.
  2. When faced with a partly blocked-off road, the car switched between autonomous and manual modes and then braked to a halt, requiring Urmson, the safety driver, to take control


  1. Roundabouts (assured officially by Google but never tested)
  2. Railroad crossings (may assured)
  3. Unpaved roads (may assured)
  4. School zones (may assured)
  5. Shopping centers (may assured)
  6. Rain (assured officially by Google but never tested )

License Issued:

  1. 4 May 2012
  2. License number: AU-001
  3. Expired: May, 2013




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