Dual-languages posts in English and Chinese starting from today 博客即日起按中英双语开始写作

After the recent discussion with some of my colleagues, also by the data provided by Jetpack and Google Analytics, I found most of the visits on my website and pages are from America and Europe, but visitors from China are limited. Besides the possible reason with internet connections, the language gap is a great cause towards it.

经过最近同同事的讨论,以及来自Jetpack和Google Analytics的数据分析,我发现目前博客和页面的绝大多数访问都来自美国和欧洲,而中国的访问有限.除了可能的网络问题,语言也是一个重要的因素.

Considering my father once told me he liked my website design, but that’s all he can get. Talking about intelligent vehicle should not be oriented to researchers in this field, but also ordinary readers. I wish by doing these, one day when all the people talk about the intelligent vehicle, they are like talking about a toy. And who will not like a smart toy?


Right from this post, I will start to update post both in two languages. But the update frequency will be lower than before, as more time is needed for writing in dual-languages.


Thank you all!



无人驾驶汽车研究员 半吊子摇滚混子乐手 Researcher on Intelligent Vehicle Guitarist/Singer/Rocker
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Dual-languages posts in English and Chinese starting from today 博客即日起按中英双语开始写作》有2条回应

  1. Yuan说:

    Bilingual computer vision blog is the first one that I have ever seen.
    Keep on update and with more image processing contents that would be highly welcomed.

    • dixiaocui说:

      Thanks for your encouragements~
      My former purpose is to give general and easy-understandable introduction on intelligent vehicle, with less too-detailed contents~ meanwhile, not focused only on perception~
      Maybe i will open another channel only for vision-related contents~ Very valuable suggestion~