[Video] CarVi: Smart Tech for Safer Driving CarVi:为汽车设计的智能设备

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ADAS is becoming a must-feature for high-end cars, probably making the driving easier, safer every year. But how about those older cars, and those low-end ones or less high-end ones? To get an ADAS which could cost 20% or even higher of the cost of the car seems not a wise decision, not to mention the installments and updates are not easy like pressing a button.

Nowadays, more and more smart devices are showing up in our daily lives, among them there are a lots of products related car. Like the famous ADAS device – Mobileye, it has attracted much attention for its leading position in using camera-based technology. Obviously, the cost of products like Mobileye is still a little higher but also the price is continuously decreasing. But one drawback of Mobileye is: the procedure to install and set up the device is too complicated, even for trained engineering.

But recently, a device called CarVi has shown us some new features and interests, which offers a good balance and potentials in providing good functions at a reasonable price.



CarVi is a chunky black disc 100 mm across and 35 mm high that fits to your windscreen behind and below your rear view mirror. It incorporates a 720p camera, a three-axis accelerometer, a microphone, a speaker and a Wi-Fi unit to allow it to wirelessly connect to your smartphone.


It communicates with your smartphone and uses both that device’s camera as well as its own camera to monitor the road ahead. That means it can perform functions like tracking how close you are to the vehicle in front of you and alert you if you are driving too close to the car in front. The CarVi team says the unit will work in 95 percent of cars, and will be compatible with iOS and Android devices. The calibration of camera can be done using the App.




Much of CarVi’s features revolve around encouraging you to drive more safely. CarVi actually records your entire drive and processes it with onboard algorithms to figure out your pattern of driving. At the end of each drive, it provides you an analysis about your driving technique, noting how you did in areas like hard braking and hard acceleration, as well as helping you figure out where you can improve to make your driving safer.




But the feature provided by CarVi is still very simple, compared to those active approaches like automatic emergency braking system or lane departure warning system. And it’s disappointing that the CarVi is totally forward focused, so there is nothing to help you with your car’s blind spots.

This being 2015, CarVi is naturally being crowdfunded over at Indiegogo. Pre-ordering it will cost $299; the team behind it is aiming for an August 2015 release, but that’ll really depend on whether or not it hits its funding goals.


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