[Video] Volvo Autonomous Driving Tech In China 沃尔沃在中国测试自动驾驶技术

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Volvo has presented its autonomous driving vehicle technology in China Friday March 27.

Volvo Car Group’s aim is to put self-driving cars in the hands of real customers by 2017 and it is this technology which was demonstrated to media and decision makers in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

Volvo Cars recently presented a complete system solution that makes it possible to integrate self-driving cars into real traffic – with ordinary people in the driver’s seat, which will be put to the test in the Drive Me project, which will feature 100 high-tech cars rolling on selected roads around Gothenburg by 2017.

The Swedish government is a partner in the Drive Me project through the Swedish Traffic Administration and the Swedish Transport Agency.

Bringing this technology to China in a presentation is said to be part of Volvo Cars’ efforts to demonstrate how self-driving vehicles addresses the global sustainable mobility challenges and contribute to the societal development.

Volvo believes implementing autonomous drive will improve safety, reduce emissions and ease mobility in heavily congested urban environments.

“Smart vehicles are a key part of the solution, but a broad societal approach is vital to offer sustainable personal mobility in the future,“ said Lars Danielson, Senior Vice President, Volvo Cars China Operations at Volvo Car Croup. “The unique co-operation with the Swedish government in the Drive Me project is key to a successful implementation of self-driving vehicles. We are very pleased to be able to demonstrate this here in Beijing with the Swedish Prime Minister present.”

As part of the Drive Me project’s technology, a high definition 3D digital map is used to provide the vehicle with information about the surroundings. By placing a 360° image of the vehicle’s surroundings created by the multitude of sensors above the map image, the car will get the information about its position in relation to these surroundings. A cloud service is connected to the traffic authorities’ control centre; this ensures that the most up-to-date traffic information is always available. The control centre operators also have the ability to tell the drivers to turn off the autonomous drive mode if necessary.

Volvo Cars’ Vision 2020 states that no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo by 2020 and this self-driving project is considered by Volvo to be a major part of this vision.

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