[Video] Volvo: Drive Me comes to China 沃尔沃Drive Me来到中国

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28nd, March, 2015, Beijing. Drive Me. Volvo. This is the first demo and public test outside Sweden for Volvo to test its core autonomous driving system “Drive Me”. Doctor Erik Coelingh, advanced technical manager, is in charge of the test.

Volvo aims to put the full autonomous driving vehicle into market by 2020. Choosing Beijing as the place for the first abroad test for “Drive Me”, one of the reason is Volvo now is already owned by Chinese company Jili, second reason, obviously, being the most complex and challenging real traffic roads in the world, Beijing is the “path” that Volvo must pass.


The test is conducted on the western 6th ring of Beijing. According the the public videos and press information online, the test seems a little boring. “It looks like a combination of ACC + LDW + AutoBrake”. Comparing to the test in Stockholm, there is no any lane change behavior during test in Beijing. Technicians from Volvo explains, this is because they don’t have very precise map of this area. The whole test only shows Drive Me’s ability on Lane Keeping, based on a robust lane marking detection system.

In the following two videos, Doctor Erik explained how the vehicle can detect obstacles and finish the autonomous driving task.

Besides the on road test, Volvo also demonstrated the automatic parking of “Drive Me”. It’s said this function is combined with cellphone, while users only need to tap on the screen, then the vehicle will park itself. The following video shows the demo.

Another feature of “Drive Me” is that it can avoid hitting on pedestrians automatically. Volvo also demonstrated this critical and safe feature.

The following video is an introduction of “Drive Me” project.


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