Keynote delivered by Alberto Broggi, President of VisLab, on Apr 3, 2015, when he received the Doctorate (PhD) Honoris Causa at INSA, Rouen, France.

In this keynote, Broggi has shared the history of automotive industry, the main benefits of autonomous driving technology, and VisLab’s efforts in vision-based perception/planning, together with abundant video clips about several autonomous driving tests (VIAC, PROUD, etc.) that VisLab has ever done.

VisLab is one of the key groups worldwide providing top-notch theoretical and applied research on Environmental Perception in many different fields, including Intelligent Vehicles, Building Automation, and Smart Surveillance. Thanks to its tight cooperation with top level companies in Europe, America, and Asia, VisLab has developed its own vision on products for different markets and offers a wide variety of perception and safety systems

Source from The VisLab Channel on Youtube.

The car of VisLab with 26 hidden cameras.  Original link. What is the VisLab’s development? “We are now working on a new vehicle that we have equipped it with 26 cameras to have a 360 degrees perception around the vehicle with stereo cameras. The stereo cameras collect three-dimensional information with two sensors. The machine sees at 360 degrees in 3D Read More →