This post is originally posted on and reprinted by Netease on Writer has quoted my explanation about autonomous driving and manual intervention on Zhihu. My answer on Zhihu is here. The question is “How Google’s self-driving car can handle emergency situations?”. 原文来自车云网和网易汽车转载,作者在文中引用了我在知乎上有关无人驾驶的部分概念回答,现原文转载分享于此。我在知乎上有关“Google无人驾驶汽车如何应对紧急突发状况”回答请见此。

Here an expert plots a path around a group of cows. (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) Most of us haven’t had a cow wander on to a road in front of us while we’re driving. Still, it’s the type of situation Google is wisely anticipating. A significant challenge for self-driving cars will be handing edge Read More →