IROS 2014 conference at Chicago 芝加哥IROS2014会议

For the publication and submitted paper, please go to the project page.

This year the IROS conference was held in Chicago, USA. From 14th of September until end of this week, lots of researchers in the field of robotisc atteneded this top conference. Thanks to the previous trials, my paper is accepted finally. The accepted paper is related to lane marking detection and real-time global localization in centimeter-level. I will provide the proceeding link when it is avaliable then, together with our final submitted 1-min video.

According to the IROS confirmed email, I have to give both the oral presentation and interactive presentation. I started to prepare all the documents needed for USA visa, and submitted the application to the visa center of USA in Milan, by end of July. Due to some unknown reasons, my application was unfortunately pending under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. From that time on, I kept waiting for my visa until now, which means actually I didn’t attend the IROS conference.

Thanks to the great help from my professor Mr. Alberto Broggi in Vislab, he helped to contact another professor Mr. Jacopo Aleotti, to offer his kindly and gratitude help over this troublesome situation. Mr. Aleotti also has one paper to publish and present on this year’s IROS. We met and talked with each other for several times, and discussed over my work related to paper. Then Aleotti helped me to give both the oral presentation and interactive presentation.

It’s a big pity that I missed the IROS due to Visa problem. But at least with the help from both two professors, I kept the right of publication.

Besides, I recommedn you all to use this app – Conference4me. It can provide the contents, topics, schedules, abstracts for all the rencet conferences (IEEE likely). You can add the interesting topics using “I Like” tag, and check the availability of any related speeches. The below images show the content it can provide.




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    Congratulations! Hope I can achieve this too!