[Video] Honda Self-Driving Car 本田无人驾驶汽车

Original link from Engadegt for details.

Honda gave a demo of autonomous driving in the ITS World Conference 2014 in Detroit days ago.

From the description of media, Honda’s car has some features like:

  1. Merging/splitting into/off highway/freeway traffic. Even better than some human drivers…well, that depends how bad the man is driving. I’m joking.
  2. Radar, Velodyne HDL-64E, Cameras. A very usual common configuration of sensors. Nothing special.
  3. GPS based map. Including names of streets, speeds limits, .etc. Noting special, too.
  4. Interactive cues for drivers when changing behaviors. The audio cue and lightning on dashboard is provided to driver. And from the article, it seems these behavior changes can only be permitted and conducted when the driver says yes. I am not sure about that.
  5. Detecting objects hundreds of meters directly in front of the car, but also predicted path for the obstacles in the next few seconds and display on the dashboard. Actually, yesterday night, when i was having dinner with one PhD and another researcher, we mentioned about the planning when considering the future movements of each obstacles, it’s not a easy stuff. Especially when considering the uncertainty in detecting the speed and heading, even size of each obstacle. All these variances in accuracy has to be taken into the final optimization of trajectory.



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