Old performance new post 旧表演 新文章

As today I made a big decision in my life, and music is the start for the whole thing, I just posted the video for a record.

This post is also one of my old performances when I was still in China.

Normally, every year in June, I and some other rock bands in Xi’an will organize one concert in the memory to Jiaju. Being PhDs, sometimes we have to give up or quit some hobbies and struggle with the graduation and publication. Like sometimes, we were joking the only motivation for us is to get a better job when owning the degree of PhD, then to use the wages to pay for the expenses in musical stuffs.

I still remembered when preparing for the show, I did the arrangement in the daytime, and did the rehearsal in the evening, then finished the coding task in late night, even up to early in the morning. Obviously, you can see I looked very tired in the video.



无人驾驶汽车研究员 半吊子摇滚混子乐手 Researcher on Intelligent Vehicle Guitarist/Singer/Rocker
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