ZEB1: a lightweighted handy 3d laser scanning system for 3d reconstruction ZEB1:轻量级手持3维重建激光扫描设备

Image and data sources are from: GeoSlam. 图像和数据来源:GeoSlam。


Geoslam Ltd is a joint venture between Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and UK based laser scanning specialists 3D Laser Mapping Ltd. Based in the UK, Geoslam has commercialised the award winning SLAM technology developed by CSIRO in the form of the ZEB1 product.

Geoslam是澳大利亚国家科学代理, CSIRO和英国的3D激光地图数据公司创立的联合公司。Geoslam总部设在英国,并已将CSIRO研发的SLAM技术成功实现商业化,推出了实体产品ZEB1。

The ZEB1 is a lightweight hand held 3D laser scanning system for survey applications, using UTM as the core part of scanner. The ZEB1 system enables rapid capture of 3D point cloud data as the operator walks through the survey environment. The system uses Simultaneous localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology to automatically create the 3D point cloud without the need for external positioning data such as GNSS. The extreme mobility enables the users to capture data wherever they can physically reach.

ZEB1是轻量级的手持3D激光扫描设备,并使用了UTM作为核心的激光扫描部分。使用者手持ZEB1通过扫描区域便可获取环境的3D点云数据。该系统使用了SLAM技术(同步定位与地图创建),在不需要依赖于额外的定位信息如GNSS等的情况下,自动构建出3D点云数据。 ZEB1的移动性也保证了使用者可以在任何人可以达到和通过的环境中采集数据。




The scanning head has a range of up to 30m and an accuracy of 3cm. The scanner has a 270° field of view, with a maximum of 43200 points captured per second. Geoslam admits on its website that when ZEB1 is used outside, the range is significantly reduced to around 15m by the sunlight.


The handheld unit weighs only 0.66kg, in a compact form of 60×60×360mm. Powered by a battery, the ZEB1 supports approximately 5 hours continuous use.


Geoslam demonstrates several applications of ZEB1 in real environments, including indoor, underground, and outdoor. In the application of “Building Survey”, the ZEB1 shows its perfect capability for creating 3D map of a building on multiple floors.

Geoslam提供了ZEB1在室内、地下以及户外环境下的使用结果。在“Building Sruvey”中,ZEB1显示了其构建多层建筑的3维模型的良好性能。




“Cave Mapping” and “Underground Mining” are the applications to show ZEB1’s functionality in building the 3D model without the need for GNSS.

“Cave Mapping”和“Underground Mining”则展示的是在没有GNSS等外部定位信息辅助时ZEB1依然能够创建出环境的3D模型。




“Forestry” is another application to show that ZEB1 works well even for uneven terrain. Unlike some scanners fail to calculate their positions using GPS due to the dense canopy, the ZEB1 can generate fully registered point clouds in the toughest of forestry environments.






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