Michigan cityscape will test driverless vehicles 密歇根今春测试互联汽车技术及无人驾驶车

Source texts are from Michigan News. 文字内容来源于密歇根新闻

ANN ARBOR—A 32-acre “mini-city” designed expressly for testing connected and automated vehicle systems, and other emerging 21st-century smart city technologies, is taking shape on the University of Michigan’s North Campus.


Called M City, the one-of-a-kind facility will include a network of roads with up to five lanes, intersections, roundabouts, roadway markings, traffic signs and signals, sidewalks, bus facilities, benches, simulated buildings, streetlights, parked cars, pedestrians and obstacles like construction barriers.


“Connected and automated vehicle technology will usher in a revolution in the mobility of people and goods comparable to that sparked by the introduction of the automobile a century ago,” said Peter Sweatman, director of U-M’s Mobility Transformation Center. “M City will allow us to rigorously test new approaches in a safe, controlled and realistic environment before we implement them on actual streets.”


M City is being built under the auspices of the Mobility Transformation Center, a partnership with industry and government to lay the foundations for a commercially viable ecosystem of connected and automated mobility. A key goal of the U-M initiative, which involves researchers from a wide range of disciplines across campus, is to implement a connected and automated mobility system on the streets of southeastern Michigan by 2021.


The MTC is also developing on-roadway deployments of more than 20,000 cars, trucks and buses across southeastern Michigan to serve as testbeds for evaluating consumer behavior and exploring market opportunities.

“Connected” means that vehicles talk to each other and to elements of the infrastructure, according to a nationally defined standard of quality and reliability.

Connected vehicles anonymously and securely exchange data—including location, speed and direction—with other vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure via wireless communication devices. This data can warn individual drivers of traffic tie-ups or emerging dangerous situations, such as a car slipping on ice around an upcoming curve, or a car that may be likely to run a red light ahead.

“Automated” vehicles are equipped with new systems of situation awareness and control that increasingly replace elements of human response and behavior. Such vehicles respond automatically to traffic situations by activating certain driving functions, such as acceleration, braking or steering. The highest level of automation allows for cars to be driverless.


The convergence of connected and automated technologies accelerates the transformational power, reliability and deployment of a new system of mobility services for people and freight.

When implemented on a large scale, systems of connected and automated vehicles can dramatically improve safety, relieve traffic congestion, cut back on emissions, conserve energy and maximize transportation accessibility.

Designed and built in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Transportation, M City’s roadway construction was completed in December. The facility will be operational in the spring and a formal opening is planned for July.

密歇根大学正在打造一个32英亩(相当于12.9万平方米)的”微型城市”,用以测试互联汽车技术及汽车自动驾驶系统。这个独一无二,名为”M城市”(M City) , 已于去年12月完成道路的铺设,计划于今年春天投入使用,7月正式开放。


M 城市由密歇根大学交通改造中心(Mobility Transformation Center) 与州政府、业界共同打造,其中一重要目标是在2021年,将密歇根大学所在地建立成一个车辆联网、无人驾驶之城。

彼得·斯魏特曼(Peter Sweatman), 密歇根大学交通改造中心(Mobility Transformation Center)主任,说:”在我们把技术应用于真正的道路前, M城市可提供给我们安全、可控的模拟测试环境。”

车联网系统与自动驾驶车可以提升交通安全、减少交通拥堵、减少温室气体的排放及最大利用交通可达性。互联的汽车与周边环境通过无线通讯工具交换位置、速度、方向等数据信息,这些信息可以提醒驾驶者可能面临的交通堵塞或者险情,如车可能冲红灯或者车打滑。 配备情况反映及控制系统的自动驾驶车, 逐渐取代人为操作,可根据情况自动启动多种功能,例如加速、减速、转弯等,最终达到真正的无人驾驶。


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