SlideShare-Future Of Autonomous Driving 报告共享-无人驾驶的未来

This is an open slide presented by Prana Natarajan – the team leader of Frost & Sullivan, Nick Ford – Sr. Consultant of Frost & Sullivan, at the end of 2013.

In total 7 parts are covered, as shown below.

Topic 1: Overview of Automated Driving

Topic 2: Global Analysis of Industry Activity on Automated Driving

Topic 3: Comparative Analysis: Functional roadmap, technology preferences & alternatives

Topic 4: Pricing implications: Consumers, OEMs & suppliers

Topic 5: The Curious Case of the Google Car: What, how & why?

Topic 6: Case Study: Valeo Park4U – the solution & challenges addressed

Leading innovator in automotive technology, Valeo’s Park4U system takes the hassle out of parking. Simply drive up to a lot, exit your car, and activate the self-parking app on your phone. Using ultrasonic sensors, the vehicle will scan the lot to find an empty space and then park itself. Check out the neat demo that took place in front of Chicago’s Merchandise Mart.

Topic 7: Design, Testing & Validation of Automated Cars

To check the whole content, please refer to Analyst Briefting: Future of Autonomous Driving provided by Frost & Sullivan.


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