[Video] Vortex – Real-Time interactive kinematic simulation platform Vortex—实时交互动力学仿真平台

This post is written by Yongqiang Li, PhD candidate in motion planning/control/modeling of vehicle, IAIR. Thanks for his contribution for extending the coverage of this website on IV-related topics.

Today, we share you with a brief introduction on a real-time interactive kinematic simulation paltform software – Vortex, with its applications on the virtual reality simulation of vehicle kinematic. The contents are provided by the Beijing Branch of GET Group.

What is Vortex?

Vortex is a software product developed by CM-Labs of Canada and can’t be sold in China for a long time until 2005. The impressive advantage of Vortex is that it adds up to a virtual simulation software with accurate kinematic simulation, collision detection and realistic visual simulation in the same time.


It can realize the simulation function like 3-D games and the various physical parameters of simulation environment can be modified in real time. Vortex pursuits not only the shape similarity but also the accuracy and real time performance because of its excellent mathematic model and the efficient calculation model. Another “weapon” of Vortex is the powerful visual function which makes a more realistic simulation environment and the greatest degree sense of immersion possible.

Core functionality of Vortex

The core functionality of Vortex can be summed up by 3 ds: the ability that can consider any complex multi-body system dynamics; rapid, stable and accurate interference check and collision detection; the flexible graphics engine interface.

Dynamic characteristics: the ability that can consider any complex multi-body system dynamics; abundant in hinge link library; linear and nonlinear friction model; almost every characteristic can be added or modified in real time without n-fold integration; precise force feedback and optional solver for various application conditions.

Collison detection: supports a variety of geometric shapes (for example Convex polygon, grid body and large scale terrain database); contact collision of any complex; supports large terrain data and soil mechanics; collision point, collision normal force and invasion depth analyze; collision time and collision scope prediction.


Difference between Vortex and common kinematic softwares

The main difference between Vortex and conditional simulation software is its real time characteristic. Vortex has the ability that it allows users to modify the environment or simulation process parameters in real time other than the way that a certain simulation corresponds to a certain parameter setting, and so the modification of parameters can feedback to the result of simulation timely.


The second difference between Vortex and common simulation software is that Vortex reserves the app mode and provides a flexible model method so users can create their own tool box using standard C++ language.


Application of Vortex on vehicle kinematic simulation

The soil and terrain model is very abundant in Vortex, so it supports a real time interactive simulation between vehicle and various environments:



Vortex can put one or multiple vehicle models in the virtual environment and can simulate the interaction between them.


Simulation of Dynamic environment: you can add obstacles dynamically.


The simulation of complex control of the vehicle through combination simulation with Matlab or Simulink:


Verification of vehicle model fidelity: Vortex can simulate vehicle model by parameterizing the various vehicle performances, for example the throttle system, the engine, transmission and suspension system, etc.




Scene modeling:



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