Auto Shanghai: TRW to launch automotive camera in China early 2016 TRW将于16年初发布S-Cam3全新摄像头技术

TRW Automotive announced at the Auto Shanghai motor show that its Global Electronics business unit is launching its next generation video camera sensor – the S-Cam 3 – in China for the first time in early 2016. The technology will launch with a major North American vehicle manufacturer on several vehicles in the Chinese market, and will be produced locally at TRW’s electronics manufacturing facility in Anting.


The S-Cam 3 offers six times the processing power of the current generation camera to provide a higher level of sensing performance and several advanced safety functions, including lane keeping assist and automatic emergency braking for pedestrians and other vehicles.

Peter Lake, executive vice president sales and business development for TRW, commented: “We expect that the auto industry in China will continue its rapid technology evolution over the next few years as the market swiftly follows the active safety trend evident in North America and Europe.

“China NCAP is also planning to upgrade its five star requirements to feature active safety and collision prevention beginning in 2018. This will mark a clear turning point in the Chinese industry and safety will become more important than ever before.”

The S-Cam 3 is one of the environmental sensors in TRW’s driver assist systems (DAS) portfolio which can help to support accident mitigation and prevention. It has the potential to assist drivers in many ways and when combined with braking systems, can enable adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking as a standalone sensor. When integrated with other environmental sensors, chassis controllers and actuators, this technology provides a strong base platform for partially-automated driving functions.

“We anticipate exponential growth in DAS sensors over the next decade – both in China and other regions of the world. TRW has broad experience in this area and is well positioned to support Chinese customers with their growth aspirations for active safety,” concluded Lake.

TRW has camera production sites in North America (Marshall, Illinois), Europe (Peterlee, UK) and soon in Anting, China to support its customers in all major regions worldwide.

Source: TRW








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